About AVImark Online Academy

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Who We Are

ACT Online Training, a world leader in the educational resources for the veterinary industry, has partnered with the leading Veterinary Practice Software, AVImark, to develop the most powerful online training program and bring it right into your hospital. This new and improved program features:

  • Interactive training content to increase trainee knowledge retention.
  • Phase training for each position in the Veterinary Hospital
  • Mobile friendly platform to allow training videos to be viewed anywhere and anytime!
  • Dozens of new assignable, track-able trainee courses for turnkey training!
  • Start, Stop & Pick-up where you left off later with new Progress Center!

What We Do

Online Academy is designed to help you get the most out of your veterinary staff. Not only is the software easy-to-use, but it is convenient and affordable. Staff members can take training anywhere there is an internet connection and with standardized training you don’t have to worry about incorrect steps or left out processes.

Try Online Academy Today. Veterinary Staff Training that Saves you Time and Money!